Events & Outreach


We offer a wide variety of events tailored to everyone in their respective journeys in becoming a doctor such as:

Our events are aimed at prospective and current medical students, as well as doctors. Through these events, we aim to equip these students with the knowledge they require when applying to study medicine.


For current medical students and junior doctors in training, we aim to

provide a medical network to help them through the challenging years of studying at medical school and working as a junior doctor.


Please have a look through some of the events we have held thus far.


Modern Day Medics promotes young people’s interest in medicine by increasing awareness of the university, career, and further education opportunities. The team is dedicated to supporting schools, colleges, and sixth forms by providing university and career planning resources and services for students and even parents.


Widening participation is at the core of Modern Day Medics.

Why is Outreach important to us?

Our outreach team comprises of medical students ranging to medical consultants. We aim to deliver a wide range of exciting and inspiring activities for students from all disadvantaged backgrounds.


Even though our focus is on medicine, we always promote learning and progression to higher education, including support for other careers in other healthcare professions.


Working with schools, colleges, and community organisations across the Greater London area to raise aspirations is our passion. By doing this, our goal is to change perceptions, support teaching staff, and stimulate interest in medicine from primary through to A-Level education.

Activities Covered

Below highlights the list of a wide range of activities that you could expect to take place in our outreach sessions:


  • Citizenship based curriculum: Importance of health and well-being, mental health awareness
  • Journey to medicine
  • Inspirational Keynote speakers from medical backgrounds
  • Applying to medical school
  • MMI and Panelled Medical Interviews
  • Revision techniques
  • Personal Statement
  • UCAT/BMAT Advice

And Many More….

Who runs the sessions?

All our sessions will be run by our enthusiastic volunteers, whom are all DBS checked. Volunteers will range from medical students and doctors (FY1/2, SHO’s, registrars, and consultants).


We are always keen to work with schools, colleges, sixth form centers, and faith backgrounds. Please contact us for more details regarding availability.